Top Sealing Dampers

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Energy Saving Top Dampers Start at $899

A top sealing damper has many benefits over traditional dampers in chimneys.

They are very easy to use. Almost always easier to use than the cast iron dampers.

The lower style damper has a tendency to come off of it’s track. It will then hang down sideways into the fireplace. It is rare that a homeowner is able to put it back into place without help.

It is even hard for experienced chimney sweeps to put them back into place!

Chimney Top Damper
This Top Sealing Damper Seals Virtually 100%. It Also Prevents Rain And Animals From Entering The Chimney Flue.
Fireplace Damper Off Track
This Damper Is Flipped Around Backward, Off Of It's Track, And Hanging Sideways. Good Luck Puting It Back In Place!

Damper at Top of Chimney

Replacing a traditional damper that is right at the top of the firebox, or throat,  is a massive job. You actually have to tear out the inside walls of the fireplace. 

Then the new damper is placed in, and the walls of the fireplace must be rebuilt to support the new damper.  

Then after all that work, the cast iron or steel dampers don’t seal all that well. They are not really designed for modern energy savings levels.

The chimney top damper is far less expensive. You don’t have to tear down anything to install it. And, it has an almost 100% energy seal. There is actually a silicone gasket around the sealing points. 

No energy can escape when the fireplace is not in use. 

Different Styles of Top Sealing Dampers

There are different styles of top sealing damper because there are different situations. If you already have a custom cap installed on your chimney, you need something with a low profile that doesn’t stick up too far. The Lymance damper is perfect for that situation. 

This style of damper only sticks up about 4 inches. It won’t get hung up or stuck on a large decorative chimney cap installed over it.

Energy Saving Damper
Low Profile Damper Will Fit Underneath A Custom Cap.
Top Sealing Chimney Damper
Top Sealing Damper That Keeps Out Rain And Animals.

Top Sealing Chimney Damper

This is another popular style. As you can see, it sticks up further when opened. This is good if you don’t have a custom, full sized chimney top .   This damper acts as a rain cap when open or closed.

When closed it seals in heating and cooling 100%. It has a silicone gasket that seals itself against the cast iron base. 

This style takes a little bit of strength to close so may not be suitable for the very elderly.

How do I open and close an energy saving top damper?

There is a chain or wire, depending on the model. The wire/chain runs from the fireplace all the way to the damper on top. 

You simply pull on the chain, or release the chain, to open or close the damper. 

It depends on which brand and model. Some dampers open when you release the chain, others open when you pull down. The instructions will be quite clear which one you have installed.

How To Operate A Top Sealing Damper
This Bracket Is Mounted On The Fireplace Wall. Simply Pull The Chain Down And Up To Open And Close.

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Is it worth the money to add a chimeny top damper? Have you seen the price of energy lately? 

Depending on your current situation, you could save hundreds of dollars in the next few years on heat and cooling loss alone.

Not to mention keeping out insects and even animals. 

Call today, don’t wait.  Have a buttoned up, cozy home this winter.

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