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Chimney caps tops pans available for all chimney situations. A chimney cap protects your chimney from water, debris, and animals. You can save headaches later on down the line if you install a chimney cap. Bigger chimney caps are usually made for larger structures, such as your brick chimney and the masonry crown at the top of your chimney. Caps are screened with spark arrestors to prevent floating embers from landing on your roof. Screens prevent animals from making a home in your chimney also. You can even improve the look of your chimney with different styles and finishes, as they keep debris and water out.

Chimney Top


There are many types of chimney caps tops pans. You should make sure you get a quality chimney top with your needs in mind. We have anything you need, from chase covers to decorative shrouds, or a custom screened cap.

Chimney Pans

A chimney chase cover is a chimney top that is provided for fireplaces with wood- framed chimney chases. Thousands of dollars of expensive repairs are caused by leaky chimney chase covers. The covers are similar to a shoe box lid that has a center opening where the chimney flue sticks out. It allows venting of smoke and gases while protecting the top from the elements.

Chimney Shrouds Installed

Many homes in the Atlanta area have a chimney rain pan and chimney shroud installed to help prevent water damage. We will start by going to your home and taking precisemeasures and discuss the options that are available to you. A rain pan and shroud is fabricated and installed by our certified chimney technicians.


One of the most common problems in many homes is the lack of a damper. This can cause a number of issues including heating and cooling loss, drafts, moisture, and musty smells. By installing an energy saving top mounted damper, you can save money on your heating bills while also improving the overall comfort of your home.

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