Chimney Rain Pans & Shrouds

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Chimney rain pans and shrouds are what seal out weather and animals from prefabricated chimneys.

If manufactured and installed correctly, they will last for many years. Shrouds are also the finishing touch on the chimney to give it style and elegance.

Shrouds can be made of stainless steel,  but that is usually not necessary. Galvanized sheet metal works great if installed with proper sloping for rainwater runoff.

Chimney Rain Pans
Chimney Chase Rain Pan
A Rolled Seam

Chimney Chase Pans

The chase pan must be built properly so that there is no place for water to leak.

The top should be unbroken sheet metal if possible. Sometimes the chimney can be so large, there may have to be a seam in the metal. 

But usually that is not necessary. 

The hole in the middle of the pan where the flue, or chimney pipe, sticks out, must also be made properly.

The best method is a rolled seam. This seam will not allow water to splash through, or leak if there is standing water.

Some rain pans are made on side with a very crude seam. Do Not allow your pan to be built on site. It will most probably leak and rust soon.

Chase Rain Pan Bracing

Bracing underneath the rain pan is a must.

The pan is just sheet metal. Sheet metal is very flexible and will not hold itself up unless it has breaks and is braced. Breaks are creases in the metal. If there are 4 creases running from the corners to the middle, the chase pan will be naturally higher in the middle, allowing for water to run off. 

In addition, it is a good idea to put bracing underneath the chimney chase cover pan so that time and gravity don’t allow the metal to droop in the middle.

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This Shows One Form Of Bracing. It Is Under The Pan And Will Not Allow The Pan To Sag In The Middle.
Chimney Chase Cover Pan

Chase Pan Holding Water

This is what a poorly installed pan looks like after a few years. Standing water causes the metal to completely rust through. Water starts to leak into the walls.  That can cause mold problems, including black mold.

Be sure your installer knows what they are doing.

Chimney Rain Pans Should Look Like This

New chimney rain pans should have the creases, or breaks, and come down on the sides a few inches to keep water from touching the chimney chase.

After your new chase cover is installed, have the technician film himself pouring water near the center. You should be able to see the water running off the sides, and not pooling in the middle.


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