Flue Cap Cover Chimney

Flue Cap Cover

Flue cap cover  for chimneys – why do you need it? 

Open chimneys are highly vulnerable to internal and external damage from water, snow, and any other form of moisture.

The picture is a birds eye view of a chimney flue without a cover. As you can see, it is just a giant hole in your house.

Animals, including birds, squirrels, and raccoons can and will take up residence in an open chimney flue.

(The chimney flue is the pipe that the smoke passes through on the way out of the fireplace.)

Flue Cap For Chimney
Bird's Eye View Of Open Chimney Flue
Flue Cap Cover

Flue Cap Replacement

The cheapest way to get all the protection of a cap, without paying for a custom cap, is a flue cap cover.
They are designed to only cover the chimney flue pipe, and not the whole chimney. 

They will protect your roof from sparks, while keeping out rain and more.

Water inside a chimney is very destructive. When water soaks into the mortar between the bricks, it starts to leach out certain minerals from the mortar. 

When you take away those minerals from mortar, it turns back into sand. 

Then, instead of strong brick chimney, you have a bunch of bricks balanced with sand between them. Not Safe!

Flue Cap Installation

Because the chimney flue caps are mass produced to pre determined, regulation sizes, they are much cheaper than something made to order.

Plus, they don’t need nearly as much steel to produce.

They easier for our technicians to handle, and easier to haul up on the roof. 

For all these reasons, they are the choice for cost savings.

Flue Cap Installation
Birds In My Chimney
Chimney Swifts Living In A Chimney. You Are Not Allowed To Remove Them By Federal Law. Best To Keep Them Out.

Flue Cap vs Chimney Cap

People ask what is the difference between a flue cap and a full cover custom cap. 

The Flue cap only covers the opening of the Flue pipe. It doesn’t protect the top, or crown, of the chimney.

Water can still seep into the mortar and between the bricks if your chimney crown is not in good shape.

Again, the flue cap is the way to go when cost is the most important consideration.

Chimney Crown Repair
You Can See Continued Damage To The Crown (Top) Of The Chimney With Only A Flue Cap.
Flue Cap On Roof
Full Custom Cap Covers Entire Top Of Chimney. Rain Never Touches The Top Of The Chimney.

Replacement Flue Caps Give Spark Protection

There is one more very important purpose for a chimney flue cap. 

Fire safety on the exterior roof of the home.

Wood fires make sparks. Sparks fly up the chimney with the hot smoke and air. If they land in the wrong place, like on some leaves, or on an exposed wooden beam, they can start a fire outside the house.

Our replacement flue chimney caps come with a screen installed. The screen is a spark arrestor. It is also a raccoon arrestor and will help keep out curious animals.

Chimney Fire

A flue cap cover, for your masonry, stone, or brick chimney will keep you safe and add decades to the life of the chimney. 

The mortar that holds the bricks together is NOT concrete. Mortar is much softer and absorbs water. That is what makes it suceptible to water and weather damage. 

The next time you see an older brick home with an unprotected brick chimney, notice the difference in the sides of the house and the chimney. 

The sides of the home will look almost new because they have always been under the roof of the house. The chimney will look aged.

That’s one of the reasons to have a masonry chimney cap. It stops the aging process immediately.

Once you have installed a chimney top, your job is done. It should outlast you and your house. 

Then it’s time to relax and have a non stinky holiday party!

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