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Chimney Caps Dunwoody

Chimney Caps Dunwoody has been proud to serve one of the original nice neighborhoods of the Atlanta metro for decades. 

Homes here deserve a beautiful fininshing touch at the top. We have to think of our neighborhood property values, as well as our homes esthetic.

Here at Chimney Caps Dunwoody, we are waiting for you to give us a call to make your home into a castle. It is the least expensive way to make a major upgrade to the look of your home.

Chimney Caps Dunwoody Ga
Stylish Hip Roof Custom Chimney Top

Decorative Covers for Chimney Tops

When you match the chimney style with your house, the effect is really something.

We can give you suggestions on design and style.

Or you can do the minimum to keep expenses down. It’s up to you.

Chimney Chase Cover Rust

If you have a prefab chimney that looks like this, we can also take care of that for you. If you see rust trails or stains on the side of the chase, it means there is so much rust on top that it mixes with the rainwater and drips off.

If you see rust on the side of your chimney, it is time to replace the pan.
You can get by for a little while with a little rust, but the damage being done to your house inside the walls is happening where you can’t see it.

So put it off at your own risk.

Chimney Chase Pan Replacement
This Person Waited Too Long. Water Was Pouring Into The Walls..
Rain Pan For Chimney Chase
A Brand New Chase Pan After Installation

Chimney Chase Covers Manufactured

Give us a call and we will handle your chimney chase cover replacement from start to finish.

We come and measure first. Then we build you a brand new, water proof chase pan. We will install it and guarantee that it doesn’t leak.¬†

If installed properly, a pan should give you 30 to 40 years (or even more) of trouble free service.

As long as it is installed properly, it will probably outlast several new roofs during it’s lifetime.

Chimney Caps Dunwoody

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