5 Helpful Chimney Cap Types


Chimney Cap Styles Available

These are some of the more common chimney top designs and styles to choose from.

Prices vary because of size, height, and difficulty. We cannot give set prices before visiting your home.

Masonry Chimney Cap Styles

Flat Roof – Straight Sides

Starting at $849

Flat Roof Inset Legs

Starting at $850

Flat Roof Custom Topper
Flat Roof Inset Legs

Hip Roof – Straight Legs    Our Best Seller

Starting at $899

Hip Roof – Inset Legs  With Ridges
Starting at $1050


Chimney Flue Cap Cover

The chimney flue cap is the lowest cost, minimal coverage you can get.

It only covers the opening of the flue pipe. It doesn’t protect the top of the chimney mortar or bricks.

Black Single Flue Cap

Chimney Chase Rain Pan

If your chimney is a Prefabricated style, then you need a Rain Pan to cover it.

Starting at $749

You can also put a custom chimney cap OVER an existing Rain Pan, instead of replacing a rusty rain pan. 

Same as Flat Roof Cap – Starting at $849

Chimney Ran Pan Replacement
Chimney Cap Over Chase Rain Pan

Full Customized Chimney Cap Ideas Limited Only By Your Imagination

Copper Chimney Topper Manufacturer
Hip Roof Cap With Inset Legs
Pyramid Chimney Cap For Square Chase

Chimney Cap Types For Your Ordering Convenience

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