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chimney Top dampers 


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Chimney Top Damper

chimney top damper

Replacement, top mount chimney dampers are operated from inside the fireplace. You never have to go outside or on the roof.
Simple for anyone to operated. In fact, they are much easier to operate than an old fashioned throat mounted damper.

New Damper For Chimney

new damper for chimney

Chimney top mount dampers protect the flue pipe from being destroyed over time by Sun, Rain, Freezing and Thawing, etc.

This spring loaded stye keeps a rain barrier in place even when it's open.

Energy Saving Damper Replacement

energy saving damper replacement

For Masonry/Brick Chimneys.
Not only does the chimney top style damper keep your heating and cooling in, it keeps out Squirrels, Racoons, Birds, and many other creatures.
You would not believe what we have found in chimneys.

Top Sealing Damper

top sealing damper

Top mounted chimney dampers are by far the most cost efficient style of damper. 
They seal nearly 100% of energy in. 
Old throat mounted dampers are very leaky and very hard to operate.
Instead of damper repairs, you'll be better of with a replacement damper.

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New Dampers Installed   

Your residence could be affected by several problems if you don't have a damper, such as loss of heating and cooling, cold drafts, musty odors and moisture content.  The key is to utilize a top-sealing damper.  This damper system is less expensive to replace, and also has consistently saved customers $100 or higher in heating system bills within a single season. Easily installed on the very top of your chimney by our professional technicians, this damper will safeguard your chimney right from fires.

New Airtight Chimney Dampers Installed In
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