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chimney chase pan repair

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Chase Pan Replacement

chase pan replacement

For prefabricated, or metal chimneys, these chimneys must have a properly installed 'Pan', or sheet metal chase cover or you will have major problems with water in the walls.

Chimney Chase Pan Repairs

chimney chase pan repairs

Once a chase pan has started to leak, there are very few things you can do to repair them.
Because of the way water flows, it's nearly as expensive to patch a rain pan as it is to replace it.
Repairs on chase covers cannot be guaranteed.

Chimney Rain Pans Installed

chimney rain pans installed

This person really let the problem go for way too long. 
There was water pouring down that large hole for months.
It caused a lot of moisture damage inside his walls. 
If you see rust stains running down the side of your chimney, give us a call. 
You could be having a major water issue and not know it.

Shroud For Rain Pans

This is called a shroud. They go on top of the chase pan on pre fab chimneys.
While you are changing your rain pan, you might want to add this. Bare Pre Fab chimneys look almost like a dryer vent sticking out of your chimney.
A decorative shroud on your chase pan will add style and elegance to your home.

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Chimney Rain Pans & Decorative Shrouds

Chimneys are typically built from brick or metal, however, many chimneys are in fact wooden framed structures.  Given that they appear like masonry by their exteriors, they are usually mistaken for true masonry chimneys. These kinds of chimneys all have got a unique sort of cap. The base part is called a Rain Pan. It appears like an upside down cake pan & covers the top part of the chimney to prevent rain water from getting in. A chimney shroud is a decorative and practical addition for your property that provides both visual charm & functionality. It safeguards your chimney from bad weather, prevents water damage that may end up in expensive repairs & provides beauty to your home. 

Chimney Rain Pans Installed
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