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Masonry Chimney Cap Flat Style

For Masonry/Brick Chimneys.
The screen built in to this flue cap cover keeps the animals out and the flying sparks in.
Keep out Squirrels, Racoons, Birds, and many other creatures. You would not believe what we have found in chimneys.

Custom Top Hip Roof (Sloped)

Our most popular model.

Caps protect the top of the bricks from being destroyed over time by Sun, Rain, Freezing and Thawing, etc.

Any style of chimney flue cap provides the same protection. It all a matter of personal taste and preference.

Chimney Cap Replacement Ideas

chimney cap replacement cost

Your chimney cap doesn't have to be dull and boring.
You can be very creative with your flue cap replacement.

Start by driving around until you see a fancy chimney cover you like.
Or you can browse online.

Get a picture of what you have in mind. If you can think it, we can build it.

Keep in mind, the more fancy it is, the more it's going to cost.

Shrouds For Pre Fab Chimneys

This is called a shroud. They go on top of the chase pan on pre fab chimneys.
If your chimney looks like this, then you need a shroud rather than a cap, or topper.

No problem, we can do these also.
All kinds of custom chimney caps installed by us. It's what we do.

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Custom Chimney Caps

A chimney's biggest enemy is water. Many issues may end up in a wooden chimney chase or masonry chimney due to moisture content, including missing mortar joints, cracked masonry, rotten wood, and rusty fireboxes. Chimney covers can be found in various styles to match every kind of chimney. When purchasing a custom chimney lid, you should ensure that it's made from strong metal & constructed in accordance with industry benchmarks. At Chimney Cap Pros, we make use of only the highest quality materials and construction approaches available. All of our Chimney Toppers are custom made using the best metal and have a flat-black baked enamel finish, creating a cool look that will last for a number of years.

Custom Masonry Covers

Custom masonry caps are specifically meant to fit your chimney. Since they are made to order, we can help make them tall enough to avoid possible performance issues with your chimney. Special steel screens are installed on each cap to keep unwanted visitors like birds & squirrels away. 

Hot Sparks and Animal Protection

Chimney covers also include spark guards to keep burning embers from landing on the roof or nearby combustible goods & materials. Keep in mind, small particles of still burning substance could damage the roof and perhaps start a fire. Chimney covers prevent downdrafts when it is really windy outside by stopping crosswinds from getting into the chimney.  Some chimney toppers even facilitate an even better updraft functionality of your chimney.

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