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Modern Chimney Shroud

modern chimney shroud

This is called a shroud. They go on top of the 'chase pan'on pre fab chimneys.
These are decorative only. However, they make a world of difference in the way your chimney looks.
Bare Pre Fab chimneys don’t look great at the top. They look almost like a dryer vent sticking out.
A pan will bring elegance and finish to the look of your home.

Decorative Chimney Shrouds

decorative chimney shroud

A shroud will protect the chimney top from crosswind downdrafts that blow smoke into the house.

Any style provides the same protection. It all a matter of personal taste and preference.

Stylish Metal Chimney Shrouds

metal chimney shroud

This is an example of a modern, American chimney shroud.
 You can make any ugly chimney into an amazing work of art.
You tell us what you have in mind, and we will build it.
Stop with the boring, plain Jane chimneys!

Chimney Shrouds Installed 

chimney shrouds installed

Chimney shrouds can get very fancy.
This is a contemporary chimney shroud with false chimney pots.
It makes a great statement and adds a massive upgrade to the look of your home.

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Custom Chimney Covers

Water is the #1 enemy of chimneys and also the major root cause of chimney damage. Weak mortar joints, cracked masonry, corroded fireboxes, bad wood, structural damage, and more all can be brought on by water in a masonry chimney or wooden chimney chase. There are plenty of styles of chimney toppers available for each type of chimney. When you buy & install a custom chimney top, it is vital that you obtain a high quality metal. The metal should be built right so that your chimney can endure the ravages of time. At Chimney Cap Pros, we don't use anything except the very best quality materials and construction approaches available. Our metal is pre-finished with a flat-black baked enamel finish to prevent untimely rusting & corrosion, which allows you to get more use out of your chimney before re-painting is required.

Chimney Rain Pans & Decorative Shrouds

A chimney may also be a wood framed construction.  Since they appear to be masonry by their exteriors, they are often mistaken for real masonry chimneys. These chimneys are covered with different types of tops. The bottom element is actually the Chase Pan. It is a metal plate that fits over the top of the chimney and covers it similar to an upside-down cake pan. Decorative shrouds are often installed to increase the visual appeal of the chimney top. 

Decorative Chimney Shrouds
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