Chimney Crown Repair

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Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney crown repair is necessary when the top of a masonry chimney deteriorates.

Even though the chimney might be made of bricks, stone, or cinder blocks, the top of the chimney is the weak point.

When a masonry chimney is built, it is built up from the ground. When it reaches the planned height, you have four sides of brick or stone, but nothing in the middle. 

It’s like an ancient stone fortress. Walls all around, but open on top.

If water can get down inside the bricks, it will freeze and expand, breaking apart the bricks.

Chimney Crown Repair
Chimney Crown Vs Cap

Chimney Crown Replacement

Even without freezing weather, water leaches minerals from the mortar between the bricks.

the mortar gradually breaks down and the chimney starts to deteriorate.

This chimney has lots of damage to the bricks and soft, deteriorated mortar. It is on it’s way to becoming a pile of bricks with nothing holding it together except gravity.

The water has seeped all the way down the chimney and freeze cracked everything loose. 

The chimney either needs a full custom cap to keep water completely off, or a repair of the chimney crown.

Chimney Crown vs Cap

The answer to this is “It depends”

If you want the plain chimney look, meaning you don’t want any kind of cap or cover, then you must repair the crown of the chimney. 

This could be the case if the look of the chimney is part of the architecture. In most cases, this is not the situation. It’s just a chimney.

If you don’t mind putting a custom chimney cap on, then we recommend a cap.

Why? The purpose of the crown is to seal out water and elements from weakening your chimney from within. 

A custom topper will completely cover the top of the chimney, keeping ALL water off the top. 

It does the job of the Crown and a lot more.

Chimney Crown Replacement
This Chimney We Put A Cap Rather Than Repair The Crown.
Chimney Crown Replaced

Chimney Mortar Repair

Many times, if the chimney crown needs replacement, water has already damaged the mortar and  maybe even the bricks in the chimney. 

In this case, we have to look at the problem to give a good answer.  

Sometimes the original chimney builder will build during freezing weather. The mortar will freeze before it hardens and become flaky and soft.  In a case like that, you might have to rebuild part of the chimney. 

If you just have a little mortar missing, then we can repair the damage . We will have to come out and take a look before we can say for sure.

Chimney Crown Repair is Available

Keeping your chimney healthy is important to your safety. But don’t forget, it will also keep the resale value of your home higher. 

It takes far more money to rebuild a chimney than to do preventative maintenance. A simple chimney crown repair now can save a huge problem later.

So call today 770-285-0551 and get a free estimate on your situation.

Chimney Crown

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