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Custom Chimney Caps 

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 Some of Our Many Styles  Below.  

Installation Included In Price

Masonry Cap Flat Style
Starts at $849

Custom Chimney Caps

For Masonry/Brick Chimneys. Custom chimney caps with screen to keep animals out and the flying sparks in. Keep out Squirrels, Racoons, Birds, and many other creatures. You would not believe what we have found in chimneys.

Masonry Hip Roof (Sloped)
Starts at $899


Caps protect the top of the bricks from being destroyed over time by Sun, Rain, Freezing and Thawing, etc.

Any style provides the same protection. It all a matter of personal taste and preference.  Custom Chimney Caps in Atlanta and Metro area.

Chase Pan Replacement
Starts at $749

Rain Pan Replacement Service

This type of chimney is called ‘Pre Fab’ or ‘Metal’. The metal sheet covering the top is called the ‘Pan’. When they age and get rusty, they can get pinholes. Then water starts dripping into the walls and fireplace. We can replace the pan.

Decorative Shroud 
Starts at $749
With Rain Pan Starts at $949

Chimney Shrouds Installed

This is called a shroud. They go on top of the chase pan on pre fab chimneys. These are decorative only. However, they make a world of difference in the way your chimney looks. Bare Pre Fab chimneys don’t look great at the top. They look almost like a dryer vent sticking out. A pan will bring elegance and finish to the look of your home.

Call (770) 285-0551
We will come to your home, measure,
show you your choices,
and give you an estimate.

We will come to your home, measure, show you your choices, and give you an estimate.
Decorative Shrouds Designed Installed
Shroud For Rain Pan
Copper Chimney Topper Manufacturer

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[Make Your Home Beautiful And Safe]

Decorative Custom Chimney       Covers – Our Specialty

We earned the title of chimney experts.

We continually search for the best products for your property.
Your home project is just as important to us as anyone’s. Your safety isn’t just a business to us.

There is one more very important purpose for our masonry chimney cap installation service. Fire safety outside the home, while keeping the interior dry.

The style of the cap should include spark arrestor screen.
Wood fires make sparks. Sparks fly up the chimney with the hot smoke, soot, and air. If they land in the wrong place, like on some leaves, or on an exposed wooden beam, they can start a fire outside the house, a homeowners nightmare.

Our replacement masonry chimney caps come with a screen installed. The screen is a spark arrestor. It is also a raccoon arrestor and will help keep out curious animals.

When we visit your home, first we assess the situation. We take measurements of the length, diameter, and type of chimney system you have. The height, width, size, and materials are all important things to consider.

The design of the cap must fit the dimensions of the crown exactly. We always drill pilot holes through the skirt of the chimney cap. Then we use a masonry bit, and screws with a power screwdriver.

This is true with steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, or other metal. The material doesn’t matter. We install the covers to stay.
We have a special ladder for any occasion, and experience with all types of flues.

A cap, or cover, for your masonry, stone, or brick chimney will keep you safe and add decades to the life of the chimney.

The mortar that holds the bricks together is NOT concrete. Mortar is much softer and absorbs water. That is what makes it susceptible to water and weather damage.

Gas logs in fireplaces can also be ruined by moisture, something a cover will prevent.

The next time you see an older brick home with an unprotected brick chimney, notice the difference in the sides of the house and the chimney.
The sides of the home will look almost new because they have always been under the roof of the house. The uncovered chimney will look aged.

That’s one of the reasons to have a masonry chimney cap. It stops the aging process immediately.

Once you have installed a chimney top, your job is done. It should outlast you and your house.